All You Need to Know About EPABX System

Published On - 09 December 2021
Connecting with people far away was difficult until the telephone system came into existence. This device has made our lives easier than ever. Not only an individual is benefitted from this but huge organizations have their day-to-day activities over this telephone.

Many organizations incorporate a device called EPABX that is used to connect different branches of their own to communicate at ease. There are several types, uses, and advantages of EPABX. PARSN Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the best EPABX system suppliers. We are one of the oldest and experienced companies in the country. Come on; let us tell you more about the EPABX system in detail.

EPABX System

EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange) is an audio conferencing system used as an internal and external telephonic device that is used to communicate within branches with the use of a private network and other external calls (public calls) using PBX (private branch exchange) too.

What Is EPABX Intercom System?

EPABX intercom system allows the user to answer, transfer and forward the call as per the user’s wish. This system also allows the user to connect internally by using a particular key to call to other branches.

Type Of EPABX System

#1 Analog PBX

This system requires a particular person sitting at one end to transfer the calls to every other person received from other branches. It uses a phone box system which is connected with many phone lines.
Panasonic is one of the companies that provide analog PBX.

#2 Digital PBX

Digital PBX is used in companies to connect to callers. This basically works by converting the sound to digital signals and sent on a channel through circuit switching.


Voice over IP address technology is not widely used though this is very easy maintenance and multiple calls can be placed in a single line. These phones are equipped with a network interface card (NIC) and connected to a network of phones. Similar to IP PBX is SIP PBX which is used in multimedia communication on the same network.

#4 Hybrid PBX

Hybrid PBX is a combination of IP PBX and Digital PBX. This is quite popular these days compared to other EPABX systems. It allows the user to connect with both internal and external calls simultaneously.

Advantages Of EPABX system

#1 Flexible call answering system

The EPABX system with its unique features helps us to program (forward) the call to any other phone whenever we are not available in front of that particular phone.

#2 Automation

This system does not need any receptionists to answer the calls or to forward them. This is programmed to provide auto attendant instructions to the caller to dial a particular number for specific service needed.

#3 Internal communication

The calls we make every day are connected through a phone exchange company which is charged per call. But through EPABX this can be done internally without interference from any company.

Certified Partners

We at PARSN technologies, EPABX system service provider aim to connect people without any difficulties. Hence, EPABX certified partners are Panasonic EPABX, Syntel EPABX, NEC EPABX, ALCATEL-LUCENT. These companies are esteemed EPABX dealers and EPABX wholesale traders and service providers.

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EPABX systems are the first choice of every organization for better communication between the internal branches or external. EPABX lets us connect with each other without any struggle.
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